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Making Time for the Family

Ecclesiastes 3:6-7

 A time to search, and a time to give something up as lost; a time to keep, and a time to throw away;
 A time to rip, and a time to sew; a time to keep silent, and a time to speak.

It is a wonder with the busy lifestyles we have that we have lost time with our families. It is time we take back what has been taken from us. It is time to spend time with our families, even if we have to schedule it into our busy lives.

Make a Calendar

What is more important in life than our families? Only God is. Everything else takes a second position to these two. We must take back our family time. If it means that we need to create a calendar, then we must.

· A calendar can be created, or it can be purchased.

· Pencil in the activities we are committed to, like work, exercise, church, devotions, etc, and then fill in the gaps with family time.

· Get an agreement from all members of the family.

· Set up a schedule

Schedule Activities

Once the family is in agreement, and you have set up a schedule, then choose what activities you are going to do together as a family. It doesn’t have to be expensive outings, just time together to talk to each other and converse about your daily lives.

Some activities we can choose from are:

· Reading a book together, read the Bible, devotions, etc.

· Conversing about daily lives

· Playing games: like, board games, card games, and others.

· Go on a picnic

· Go to a park

Follow Through

Next and foremost, follow through with the commitment to the family. Ensure nothing gets in the way of family time.

· Remind the family of appointment

· Post the calendar

· Appoint persons to be in charge of organizing each different activity

· Have fun together

Ensure that all members agree upon all activities. Some may have to concede with the majority.

If needed set up a vote, or put activity suggestions in a bowl and pick from them. Whichever way is chosen, it should assist in deciding what activities the family will enjoy. If there are young children in the family, include them when choosing activities. Make sure that everyone has a voice and that his or her voice is heard. There is no need not exclude anyone.



The Pursuit of Happiness: Smile

pursuit of happiness


Ecclesiastes 2:26

To the person who pleases him, God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness,


Smiling is contagious. When we see a person smile or laugh sincerely, we can’t help but wonder about their happiness. As we get older, there are times that we forget that a smile makes wonders for our mind. As a matter of fact, there are times that we forget to smile.

Smile: Its Beauty

Isn’t it beautiful to see the smile of a child? What about that angelic smile they show during their sleeping hours? Some say that when a child smiles in their sleep, angels are playing with them while they look out for them. How sweet is that?

One of the most tender moments in life is for a parent to see their children’s smiles radiate and light up a room. Awe, What a wonderful spectacle to keep in our memories. Their smile is like a breath of fresh air, a cool breeze in the Spring, or a rainbow that lights up the sky.

Pursuit of Happiness

I was thinking about the pursuit of happiness and wondered if knowing what I know now, would have made my life better. I wonder if I would have made different choices, or different decisions. Then I worry that somehow knowing more then, may have changed the outcome of my life.

However, it is great to realize that the pursuit of happiness is a search that we all look for in all the wrong places.

We pursue happiness in the companionship of others.

We pursue happiness in the monetary aspects of life.

We pursue happiness in the furthering of our education.

We pursue happiness in the small pleasures of life.

There is, absolutely, nothing wrong with pursuing the above. Yet, when we have them, we still feel empty and lack the full happiness that we seek.

Why is that?

I have concluded that the reason is that happiness is not anywhere that needs to be looked for. Happiness has always been within our reach. Happiness comes from within. There is no need to search for it. It has been a part of each of us all along.

How many troubles could I have avoided had I known that to find happiness all I had to do was look in my heart, find God within it, and the rest was a complement to what I already possessed.

Yes, the pursuit of happiness is the seeking of God, his peace, his love, his everlasting promise, and his continued companionship along our life-long path.

Imagine how I felt. I finally discovered my source of happiness. No one, nothing, no circumstances, situations, spoken words, or possessions can ever take it away, nor make it any better. All they can do is affect my human emotional state for a short while, but they cannot take away my overall feeling of eternal happiness.

How beautiful to know!!!

Are you in pursuit of happiness, or have you realized that it is already a part of you?