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When Do You Look for God?

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psalm 5 2 3

Do you look for him at times of trouble? Or at times when all is ok? Do you only remember him when you need something? Or do you remember him to give thanks? No matter when, at least you are seeking him, and that is what matters most. Seek God.

 Don’t feel bad that you remembered him on your time of trouble. Maybe, trouble came your way to remind you to look for God. Maybe, that is his way of reminding you that you need him. At the end of the day, you acknowledged your need for him, and you saw it fit to ask him for help. You found your way to him. That makes God happy.

 Remember God

 Our lives are so busy, that we tend to forget God’s presence in our lives. We forget that a simple morning prayer can carry us through the day. A simple thanks for all he does for us is sufficient. The point is to remember God.

 Find your way to him

 If you lost your way to him, he will gently tug at you to help you find your way back. He is ever-present and patient. He waits for you to find him. Once you do, he will receive you with open arms.

 Acknowledge him

 Once you find your way to him, acknowledge him. Let him know how important his presence is in your life. Talk to him, pray to him, sing to him, and listen. Open your heart and hear his guiding voice that will direct you on your every day.

Psalms 5

2 Pay attention to my cry for help,

my king and my God,

for I am praying to you!

3 Lord, in the morning  you will hear  me;

in the morning I will present my case to you  and then wait expectantly for an answer.

Proverbs 3

6 Acknowledge  him in all your ways,

and he will make your paths straight.


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