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Falling Asleep to the Sound of the Ocean

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psalm 107 29

Psalm 107:29

He calmed the storm, and the waves  grew silent.


Ever since I was a baby, the stories told was that when I could not fall asleep, I could be walked along the ocean shore and I would immediately close my eyes and go to sleep. I have always had a love for the Ocean. I love the way it looks, I love the sound of the waves, and I get a relaxed feeling.

The Ocean’s beauty on a sunny day is breathtaking, amazing, and without comparison. I can stare at the distance and see it blend with the beautiful blue sky. I love seeing the fishing boats on the distance, and the surfers, boogie boarders, and people just being themselves. Some swim while others just sunbathe.

Whenever I plan a day on the beach, I look forward to the sound of the waves. Swiiissshhh, Swoooossshh, Woooosshhh, all are unique sounds that do not have a word to describe them. I hear a beautiful melody with every wave that forms, travels, and breaks on the shore.

There is such a relaxing feeling when I hear the waves. I put a blanket on the sand, lay on it, and before I know it, I am asleep. I does not matter how much other noise there is. I feel a hypnotic calmness that supersedes all the surrounding life happening at the moment.

There is a place in my heart for the Ocean. Maybe there are memories of my youth instilled in my heart. Either way, to this day, I can fall asleep every time I go to see the Ocean.

In the same token, that is how my life feels by trusting God. Knowing that he is by my side, I can fall asleep at night without any preoccupations. I have full trust in him. He is in control, not me. Why bother worrying? There is no need.

While the sound of the Ocean has a calming effect, so does the Word of God. It is in front of me to provide comfort. It gives me all I need. The Bible is a comprehensive book that includes all I need to make my day go well.



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