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When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

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Psalm 119:112

I am determined to obey your statutes at all timesto the very end.

I have heard this phrase many times. It has been used in so many great instances. Usually, the phrase refers to someone brave who faced a difficult situation and dealt with it head on. So, what makes some people stronger when they are faced with tough situations?


Persons who are determined to stay afloat are some of those that can face any situation and come out fine from it. They understand that working through it is the best way to overcome them. They do not let circumstances defeat them.


Persons who are perseverant continue going after what is important and do not let negativity or roadblocks get in the way. Instead, they figure a way around it and come out winners in the end.

Inner Strength

There are times that situations are or seem impossible to face, yet there are persons that dig into their souls and find the inner strength needed to do whatever is needed to conquer the impossible.


When circumstances are beyond our control we tend to get negative and may blame others for what has happened. However, persons that stay positive no matter what adversity they face, tend to overcome and get through.

Pray to God

Although having all of the above are important character traits that help us work through situations, Praying to God, asking for his guidance, and letting him help us is a great way to overcome, conquer, and defeat anything we are faced with.

We all have been faced with difficult situations in our lives, yet we are still here breathing, writing, interacting, and living. Most situations can be seen as trials and tests that teach us lessons. These lessons make us better, stronger, and wiser. If you are faced with difficulties, reach out to your inner strength, stay positive, determined, and continue to persevere with the help of God.


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