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Verse for the Day – February 22, 2015

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revelations 4 1

Verse of the Day

Revelations 4:1

After these thingsI looked and there was a door standing open in Heaven!

Have you ever thought about what Heaven will be like? What could be behind that door? Of course, the Bible gives us a sense of what it will look like. However, does your curiosity peak at that thought? Well, I know mine does. I know there will be a tree of life, a tree filled with all fruits, streets of Gold, and much more. Imagine! a street of gold. It must shine like no other. I often think if I am worthy to walk in such a beautiful road. It amazes me, because I know he found me worthy to do so.

Are you worthy? Has God called on you to be part of the life in Heaven? Have you accepted Jesus? Do you know you are saved?

Prayer for the Day

Our heavenly Father, thank you for finding me, for tugging at me to accept you into my heart. Thank you for taking the scales of my eyes, and leading my path to you. Let me be a servant of whom you see love, care, and understanding.


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