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lift up our hands

Psalm 119:35

Guide me  in the path of your commandsfor I delight to walk in it. 

When you sit down to think about your life, do you regret your past? Many people do that. Reasons being: mistakes made along the way, or the path they chose did not turn out the way expected. Dwelling on the past, while living a life of regret, can keep a person from living the present, or planning a future. Life is not about what was done, but about what can be done. Of course, it is easier, said than done. I am guilty. I spent many years regretting some decisions that changed the course of my life. I wasted precious time. My recourse: rethinking my path, creating a new plan and enjoying a new life.

Rethinking my Path

It was not easy to understand that I was not living life. I thought that feeling sorry for myself was ok. It took a life-changing event to find my way back. I uprooted my life and placed myself in an uncomfortable situation. I no longer was stagnant or complacent. Since I did not care for the situation I placed myself in, I had to look for resources that provided a way out. It was during this search, that I came out of my shell and made decisions and took steps that opened new possibilities. Daring myself to better my path, increase my happiness, and provide a better future, I found that relying on God was the answer I was looking for.

Creating a New Plan

I made a plan that included a change in scenery, a new job, and a new perspective. I prayed for guidance, wisdom, and strength. God granted all three. I learned that leaning on him, listening with my heart, and following his directions, created a seamless path. I learned to meditate, self-entertain, and thank God, above all. By creating a plan that put God first, I have enjoyed increase, steadiness, and happiness.

A New life

Acknowledging God each day, giving him control, and allowing him to lead the way, has taught me that he is unfailing, perseverant, and loving. I live a life that is free of worries, and full of love and laughter. There are days where my emotional human side wants to go back to the way I used to be, but with his faithful understanding and subtle scolding, I get back in the right path. I am far from perfect. I am a work in progress. I make mistakes every day.

By implementing all three goals, and experiencing their positive effects, I, now, live life in the present, look forward to my future, and only visit the past, to learn and correct.


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