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music for the soul


Christian Music brings such joy to my day. I wonder about the lyrics, the melody, and the delight it brings to my soul. It is so easy to sit and listen to Gods praise in an angelic-melodic voice. Yet, I wonder about what it does for our growth as Christians and I decided to ponder on the subject.

Is it OK to listen to Christian music?

Psalms 147

1 Praise the Lord, for it is good to sing praises to our God!

Yes, praise is pleasant and appropriate!

I searched the Bible scriptures and found many verses that refer to music, instruments, psalms, and spiritual songs. It reads about praising God with music, to sing in unison of his glory, and to make music in our hearts to God.

It amazes me that no matter what subject we want to learn about, the Bible has scriptures that address our concerns, questions, and thoughts. The words in the Bible are a guide for our daily lives that we can use them every day to keep us in the right path.

The word of God is such a wonderful reassurance. Read, learn, and follow its teachings.

Psalms 98

5 Sing to the Lord accompanied by a harp,

accompanied by a harp and the sound of music!

6 With trumpets and the blaring of the ram’s horn,

shout out praises before the king, the Lord!

How can Music Help us Grow as Christians?

Ephesians 5

18 … but be filled by the Spirit,

19 speaking to one another in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing, and making music in your hearts to the Lord,

Music that edifies our spirit, fills us with his love, and speaks to our hearts gives God all the praise. He can see the harmony and love inspired by him and gives him joy.

Music that is for God’s glory, speaks to our soul, and gives us peace in our hearts is a praise to God’s love, everlasting life, and uplifting of our spirits to him.

If we are constantly in God’s word, by either listening to his musical praises or by reading his word, it will continue to instill God’s presence in our lives. It will give us guidance of his love.

If we are in harmony with God, we are growing as Christians. As we read and learn more of his teachings, we continue to edify our spirit.

Psalm 67

1 For the music director; to be accompanied by stringed instruments;

a psalm, a song.

May God show us his favor and bless us!

May he smile on us! (Selah)


2 Then those living on earth will know what you are like

;all nations will know how you deliver your people.


3 Let the nations thank you, O God!

Let all the nations thank you!

Discerning Christian Music

Proverbs 18


15 The discerning person acquires knowledge,

and the wise person seeks knowledge.

As Christians, we have the gift of discerning right from wrong. If our hearts speak to us in guilt, we know that we are not doing what is right. We apply that same gift to all we do.

If we are listening to Christian music, yet our hearts do not feel right, then we are using the discerning gift to understand. Just because one says he is a Christian, or a song is Christian, does not mean it is. It is up to each of us to use our knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to see clearly.

The eyes of a child of God are the ones that can see beyond others’ vision. God has provided us with ammunition that protects us from falsehood, evil attacks, and worldly traps. We are to use our discernment and understanding of God’s spiritual guidance to stay within what is of God.

Hosea 14


9 Who is wise?

Let him discern these things!

Who is discerning?Let him understand them!

For the ways of the Lord are right;

the godly walk in them,

but in them the rebellious stumble.

A Final Note

Music that is for God’s glory will edify our spirits, help us grow in our understanding of God’s word, and our discerning spirit will let us know that is good for our soul.

We are not to take any ones words for granted, but the Bible at its word, only. If we are in doubt, have questions, or want to learn, let the words in the Bible and scripture be our final guide to the decisions we make in our daily life.


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