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Family: Memories of the Heart

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romans 12 10


Romans 12:10

Be devoted to one another with mutual love, showing eagerness in honoring one another.


It is a wonderful feeling to have family surrounding us. The sounds of laughter, joy, and love are all around. They come from the kitchen when we are making meals or from the living room when we are all sitting together sharing stories of our day, or hearing each other interact. How nice are those days when the family gathers and spends a bit of time acknowledging each other and validating each other lives.

Those are days of the past, the children are grown and gone on with their own lives. All is left is an empty living room, a kitchen that no longer hears laughter, or the swings in the backyard that the only noise they make is from the rust of the chains as the wind strikes them. Long are gone the days of old, the days of sharing. Oh God! Is it ok to long for those days?

In our hearts and minds are great memories, fond stories of laughter, and silence that reminds us of the children sleeping. In the past, we wanted peace and quiet, in the present we want noise and laughter. If we only knew how great, those days of yesterday were. Would I have cherished them more? Would I have spent more times like those? Could we stop time and yearn for days of past?

I don’t know the right answer, however, I have just but a few regrets. Regrets of days gone by were more could have been done, where love could have abided more than chores and homework, and where it would be ok to play hooky a few times to do just that, spend quality time.

Family, a cherished word that encompasses love, care, endearment, and most of all heart filled memories.

To those with young families, take time to be together. Do not let life pass you by, while engulfed in discipline, work, school, homework, and activities that consume all the time. Make time for each other. Cook together, eat together, and most of all. PRAY TOGETHER.

Read the Bible, teach the children about salvation, faith, grace, and always about unconditional love. The love that is unique, understanding, and abounding.


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