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Innocence: A Heart that is Pure


1 timothy 1 5

Today’s Word


Blameless, impeccable, faultless – the trusting innocence of childhood

Today’s Verse

1 Timothy 1: 5

But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

Maintaining a state of innocence, a pure heart, and a good conscience is the goal of all Christians. We try hard not to let the world absorb us and keep us wrapped in its worries, cares, and concerns. However, is not easy to do. We tend to do just that, and by doing so, we strain to not lose our innocence, our purity, and our faith.

State of Innocence

To maintain a state of innocence, we must keep a pure heart. A heart that sees no evil, hears no evil, and acts on goodness and faith. We Christians must work hard at this task. We must separate ourselves from the worldly life that takes on sexuality to extreme, hate to the maximum, and sin to the ends of the world. We have to maintain our eyes and ears open to love, faith, and goodness.

Pure of Heart

A heart that is pure is not tainted by sin, it is not tempted by sin, and it does not act in a sinful manner. It stays alert to act and sacrifice according to God’s Word and instruction. It must forgive, forget, and avoid ill thoughts. It must maintain a tenderness and innocence beyond reproach.

Good Conscience

In addition to keeping ourselves in a state of innocence and keeping a pure heart, we must keep a good conscience. We must let the Holy Spirit guide us so that we may lay at night without guilt, so we may rest in plentitude of Grace.


2 thoughts on “Innocence: A Heart that is Pure

  1. This work is impossible without the aid of the Holy Spirit. We are immersed in the world but we are not of it. To stand in the tide of evil and maintain a pure heart is one of the great miracles of salvation. Thank you Jesus.

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