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True Friends: A Gift from God

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friends in faith

Proverbs 17:17

A friend  loves at all times, and a relative is born to help in adversity.


I have very few friends. However, the ones I have, I cherish with all my heart. God has been very splendid with me. He has given me friends of all ages. One of my dear friends is Roz. She has backed me up from the first day I met her. I love her very much. I also have another dear friend, her name is Melody. Her and I met very young in motherhood and have seen our kids grow up. Through the years, miles, and distance, we still are there for each other. I recently met another new friend her name is Lou. She has been a new blessing in my life.

I have other friends that are dear to me. Most of them have entered my life in the last few years. We keep in touch, we laugh when we get together, and we have lots of fun.  I feel blessed to know all these ladies. They are my rock.

Friends in our path

Friends that are placed in our path are endearing and cherished. They fill a void in our lives that no one else can fill. Yes, we have a better half, children, parents, cousins, and others that are our family. However, a friend is none of those. A friend is one who chooses to be around us, by our side, and enjoys time together.

Friends Provide Support

Friends hold our hands when we needed, cry with us when we are sad, get mad at whomever made us upset, and most of all, cheer us on when we have some crazy idea. They love us in a way that no one can understand. Yes, we can get crazy together, and we can uplift each other.

Friends Share Faith

When our friends, also share our belief in God, it makes it an even stronger bond. It is a bond blessed from above and filled with the Holy Spirit. We share God’s Grace, Faith, and Love. We can look up to God to bless our friendship and keeps us together throughout the years, in the good, the bad, the complicated, the cherished moments of everyday life, and pretty much anything life throws at us.

I thank God for each of them. I do not know what life would be like without them in my life.



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