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Endurance in Faith

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James 1: 3-4

Because you know that the testing of your faith produces endurance.

And let endurance have its perfect effect, so that you will be perfect and complete, not deficient in anything.

It is a known fact that our human nature continues to doubt our faith. It interferes with our belief and settles dust left from questioning our faith in God. However, our spiritual guidance helps us overcome our human nature and allows us to have strength in our overcoming of our doubts and questions.

Thank God for our spiritual guidance, otherwise we could get lost in our doubts and lack an understanding of our faith.

Belief in God

How do we acquire our spiritual guidance? We do so by believing that Jesus died for our sins and that his resurrection provided a way for us to be saved. As we accept this truth, His spirit comes to us and dwells in our heart. His spirit in us guides us through our daily lives, decisions, and actions.

It gently tugs away at us to help us stay in the straight and narrow path. It convicts us when we do wrong, and it provides peace when we do right. It speaks to us and gives us comfort in times of trouble. It loves us when we need love, and it hugs us when we feel the need.

Faith in God

Once we have the spirit dwelling within us, we must have faith that we are God’s child. We must have faith that we are saved. As His child, we can rest assured that he will lead us to seek Him in all we do, all we say, and all we need.

Just as a parent provides for his children, so does God provides for us. He provides a way to communicate with Him so that we may speak to Him and let Him know our gratefulness, our sorrows, our needs, and our love for Him.

Having faith that can move mountains is our provision to our belief that God is with us. With Him by our side, we have the strength to fight of temptation, overcome heartache, and celebrate our faith.

Endurance in Faith

Once our faith is part of our daily lives, our actions, and us, we will endure any situation we may face. God’s presence in our lives, through His Holy Spirit, will allow us the necessary strength to face challenges and overcome them victoriously. We will rely on our faith in God to get through the day. We will have faith that will help us endure temptation and heartache. When faced with them, we will look upon the Lord for guidance, and seek our faith in Him to believe we can get through all things he places in our path.

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