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Silent Prayer: Spoken to God



Today’s Word: Prayer

Silent or spoken petition made to God

Today’s Verse: Matthew 21: 22

And whatever you ask in prayer, if you believe, you will receive.

Our prayer need not be aloud, it may be silent. Our prayer need not be known to others, only to us. Our prayer need not be to boast, it may be to humble. However, our prayer must be sincere, filled with belief, and certainly, hope.

A prayer to God is our line of communication. We speak to Him and let Him know our desires, needs, and thankfulness. It is a conversation between Him and us, so we may let him know what is in our hearts.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that prayer is used by many as an outward act to make others think we pray. It is used often in written words as a way to let others know what we are going to do. However, is it necessary to let others know we are praying? Absolutely, not. God is the only one that needs to know.

Outward Prayer

Social media has taken over many of our daily communications. We see post of every sort. Some ask for prayer, others offer prayer. That is good. We openly ask others to pray on our behalf. Many believe there is power in prayer, and there is.

However, the true power of prayer comes from our sincerity in our prayer. Today’s verse states that whatever we ask in prayer, if we believe, we will receive it. It does not say that whatever we publicize to the world, we will receive.

Should we tell the world that we are going to pray for someone? Or, Should we silently pray to God on their behalf?

Inner Prayer

Our hearts and soul are the best intercessors during prayer. God sees the sincerity of our hearts when we pray to him. We ask with humbleness, we ask with belief, and we believe with sincerity.

It is our silent requests that he hears, the tears in our hearts that he sees, and our heartache that he feels. As we pray to Him, he absorbs our words, our feelings, and our burdens. He knows the sincerity of our request.

Same as he knows the sincerity of our requests, he knows that we believe and have faith in Him. He knows our faith in Him is enough to believe that He will answer our prayers.

So, when someone says, “I will pray for you, blessings coming your way,” think about it, twice. They may be throwing words in the air.

Whereas, someone whispers in your ear, “I asked God to be with you,” believe them. They silently spoke with God.


2 thoughts on “Silent Prayer: Spoken to God

  1. That’s what prayer really is. Totally!

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