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Forgive: A Humbling Act

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Today’s Word


To stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong): to stop blaming (someone)

Today’s Verse

Ephesians 4

32 Instead, be kind to one another, compassionate, forgiving one another, just as God in Christ also forgave you.

How easy to is to hold a grudge instead of practicing forgiveness. Even though holding a grudge will eat at us, we rather do so. In the development and edification of our Christian lives, we work hard at not holding a grudge and practice forgiveness instead.

The Bible states that we are to be kind to one another, compassionate to all, and to forgive those that have hurt us in any way. However, our human side may feel hurt, diminished, offended, and revengeful. In order to overcome such feelings, we must practice humbleness and forgiveness.

Practice Humbleness

As we live, each day, we must practice humbleness and get rid of resentment. With the strength in our hearts, given to us by the Holy Spirit, we can accomplish it. If we give God control over our minds, thoughts, and actions, we can rest assured that he will guide us to do the right thing.

To have a humble heart, we place others before us, we seek their comfort before ours, we think of their needs before ours. We may not do so every day; however, we can continue to practice humbleness until it becomes our way of life.

Practice Forgiveness

“Practice makes perfect,” so is the saying. So, why not practice forgiveness? Exactly. We must practice forgiveness because is not in our human nature to do so. Our human nature wants to payback others for their wrongdoings. However, our love for God, our Christian belief, and our Holly Spirit filled hearts tell us otherwise.

It is God, who aids us in the practice of forgiveness. Think of each time He has forgiven us for our errors and wrongdoings. There are so many in my life that I know of. Just as well, we need to forgive others.

Why should we forgive? Because, Forgiveness or Grudge “Forgiveness provides us with peace of mind. A grudge digs into our souls and holds our minds prisoners.”

Today, pray to God. Ask him to provide you with a humble and forgiving heart. Let Him work in you. Let Him work in us. Let Him work in me.

Psalm 51

17 The sacrifices God desires are a humble spirit – O God, a humble and repentant heart you will not reject.


Author: Charlee Felice

Originally from Puerto Rico and lived in Spain. The variety of cultural influences and experiences has expanded her thirst for knowledge. Life has been good to her and has had its challenges. She wants to share this with you, the reader.

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