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Path: Straight and Narrow

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lamp to my feet

Path: Straight and Narrow

Today’s Word


A way of life, conduct, or thought

Today’s Verse

Psalms 119

105 Your word  is a lamp to walk by, and a light to illumine my path.

I love reading this verse. It is comforting to my soul and life. I know that no matter what situation or circumstance I face, God’s word will guide me through it. Just as we need light to see in the darkness, we need God’s word to see us through our trials and tribulations. Although we may not see its resolve, He does.

Reading God’s Word

The Bible is the only book in existence that addresses and teaches us how to live in goodness. It teaches us what proper behavior is, how to treat others, and how to show love for one another. It provides a guide on how to live a virtuous and graceful life.

During tribulations and trials, it provides loving hope. During perils and darkness, it provides the light necessary to see us through. During good times and prosperous times, it reminds us to stay humble. The Bible is a Holly Book that contains words filled with wisdom, knowledge, and guidance.

Comfort of God’s Word

As we read the Bible, we find comfort in its words. It teaches us to persevere, be steady, dependable, joyful, loving, and mostly kind. In times of mourning, it gives us peace. In times of tribulations, it gives us understanding. In times of sorrow, it gives us love. In times of sadness, it guides our hearts.

To be understood, not judged, accepted, and loved, all we need to do is turn to God’s word. His words come to life, speak to our hearts, and provide us the much-needed wisdom in each and every circumstance.

Guidance of God’s Word

His written words provide us with daily guidance. If we take time to read and learn, we will find it to be a book that was written to help us understand what is the right thing to do. It is a book that provides a step-by-step HOW-TO-GUIDE for our daily lives.

God’s Word is unbiased, unwavering, unbending, and undeniable. It is true, precise, firm, yet gentle and loving. It does not change with times, nor does it create confusion. It tells us what is good and what is evil. It helps us discern our world and live in it as Christians.


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