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The Fork on The Road – Where should we be?

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Do you find yourself wondering what life would be like today, if you had taken a left instead of a right?

At some point or another, people wonder, “What if instead of doing… I should have done…”  At times, this could be a decision that they regret. But, what if instead of wondering  “what if?”, a person looks at a different perspective. What if God directed their path, and what seems like what if, is actually what it should be. How many times people run late for work. On their way, there is a terrible accident ahead. What if they had left on time, could that have been them in the accident? What about a relationship that goes down hill, yet, the next year, the man or woman who was meant for them comes along. If the relationship had lasted longer, they would have missed the one that was just right. Life is full of forks on the road. So, should people live with regret, or be thankful for what they have?


 Originally Published on Charlee’s Corner Website


Living with Regret

When a person chooses to live with regret, they are void of life. A life of regret may keep a person from accomplishing their greatest potential. The person focuses on what could have been, and loses perspective of what could be. Yes, there are decisions in life that could have been better. Yes, there are decisions in life that could have been worse. Some are obvious, but, could that better or worse decision have kept them from getting to where they were headed? Probably. That doesn’t make it bad, it just makes life what it is now. When a fork comes up, most people decide to go left or right. The road leads in two different directions, but in the end, those different roads can be reconnected, and the person can end up right where they were headed, but with a detour.

Detours in life

A detour in life can be interpreted as an experience that provided an insight into a part of life that would have never been experienced, had it not been taken. A detour can be thought of as the lessons in life that needed to be learned. These lessons give inner strength, courage and character. The many lessons learned along the way makes a better person in the end. Detours in life teaches a person how to make the right decisions, how to pay attention and and how to apply the lessons learned to their future endeavours. Detours in life are the stepping stones to emotional, social and familiar growth.

Which Road to Take

Consider the options. Where are you headed? Have you consulted your conscious? Is God leading the way? The decision made as to which road to take needs to be evaluated with clarity. Decide where you are headed, consult your conscious, and let God lead your way. When thoughtful consideration is given and all three questions are answered to the best of our ability, then and only then, rest assured that the outcome will be good. If the decision made gets stopped along the way or If brick walls appear along the way. that are so thick that they are impenetrable, look inside your heart and listen. Listen real well. That is your queue that the road you want to take is not the one you need to be on. 

So don’t live with regret. Live with appreciation. Don’t stop living, but start enjoying. What may have been, it no longer is. Look at your surroundings and think, “Had I taken the left instead of the right, would I be with you tonight? Would my kids be here with me? Could I not  been in someones life when they needed me? Could I have shared a word of kindness, when my friend needed to hear them?” Had you not taken that fork on the road, you would not be reading this. The answer is, you are meant to be right where you are at this moment. You are meant to be here. 


Author: Charlee Felice

Originally from Puerto Rico and lived in Spain. The variety of cultural influences and experiences has expanded her thirst for knowledge. Life has been good to her and has had its challenges. She wants to share this with you, the reader.

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